“If you are an artist, and want a website, Bonnie is the only person to call.”
— Warren Bellows

“Bonnie was a big help to our company. She learned how to administer our unique, complex web system quickly and trained others how to use it. She is always cheerful, punctual and fun to work with. I would strongly recommend Bonnie to other businesses in need of technical help.”
— Arnie Frieman

“Thankfully I found Bonnie Story, and together we built a website chock full of great items that is fun to browse through.”
— Bobbie Selbert

We’re writers, not webmasters! was the call that went out from our team when we upgraded our website and e-newsletter. Bonnie helped Field’s End with technical matters, graphic highlights, and crucial finishing touches. Her help has been invaluable.
— Field’s End Writers’ Community

I highly recommend Bonnie Story of StoryBoard Productions for being a technical wizard, making website designing amazingly simple, do-able, grounded in common sense, and FUN! I got to create exactly what I wanted my site to convey. Bonnie was a YES from the start… then the magic happened!
— Cindy Jarrett

“Thank you for making the web design a fun and enriching experience. I so enjoyed your perceptive quick responses and your level of self-and-other value. Great work!”
— Mari Aaronsouth

“Bonnie is the best! We have a top grade website due to her expertise. She is fabulous at design along with having the technical knowledge of putting together a website. It’s hard to find a web designer with the great combination of both skills. Bonnie took on the project as if it were her own business, which showed her level of integrity and full commitment to our work. Her friendly, caring and positive attitude were a perfect match for us.”
— Cynthia MacDougle

“I have worked with Bonnie for many years as our web designer. She has built, launched and maintained our ever-changing web site of 7000 images of art. She is wonderful to work with and has many talents in the field. I give her 10 out of 10 stars.”
— Adi Khofri-Gross