Service Dogs

This kennel exists to develop extraordinarily capable service dogs. Some of these dogs are even known to detect their owner’s impending seizures or low blood sugar events.

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Pawn Shop

This family-run pawn shop relies on smartphone adaptability when the cruise ships come in to Ketchikan, AK. Their customers all find them with their smartphones.

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This simple and somber WordPress presentation conveys a mood of dignity. The functionality includes reference documents, burial look-up, photo gallery and contact. I built the site and trained admin staff on how to update it and add photos.

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Chamber of Commerce

This visitor directory site on WordPress is easily updated. I created the initial site in 2010 and then trained their employee to maintain the site.

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This simple lodging website is powered by WordPress¬†to assure that it is functional on a variety of international visitors’ screen sizes, from small smartphones to living-room monitors.

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